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Foto: Ulrike Sterz

Carlos E. Morales, internationally known singer and guitarist, comes from Ecuador, studied in France and has lived in Cologne for many years. In his recording studio C.E.M. he produces CD recordings with Latin American folklore, international chansons and his own compositions.

live performances solo or with a combo not only offer an entertaining, atmospheric music program with Caribbean rhythms, Latin American folklore or French chansons, Carlos Morales also provides you - on request - with the whole party (including catering).

New!!! Carlos Morales offers guitar lessons for Latin American rhythms. You can learn online or in presence. Also new: You want to record a song, then the recording studio C.E.M. is ready for you.

Get in touch,
- to book performances of Carlos Morales solo or with his combo,
- to plan a whole party (incl. catering) with him,
- or to rent his recording studio C.E.M.,
- to take guitar lessons,

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