Carlos Morales was born in Quito / Ecuador in 1961.

At the age of 5 he sang for the first time in public, and since then his passion for music and Latin American folklore has not stopped growing. His musical sensibility led him to sing regularly in the working class neighborhoods, where he was noticed by a local radio station, which offered him to participate in a regional contest, which he won without difficulty. He then decided to try several other competitions which he passed with great success.

In 1977, thanks to the advice of the director of Radio Tarqui, he discovered stringed instruments such as the guitar and the "charango". He owes the practice and mastery of these instruments to Mr. Alfonso Gandarillas, a great Bolivian musician.

Between 1978 and 1983 his career led him to meet Mr. Lucho Martinez, a talented theater teacher from the Central University of Quito, with whom he discovered amateur theater. This is how he became part of the troupe "La matraca", under the direction of Mr. Martinez.

The desire to succeed pushed him between 1983 and 1988 to study singing at the Conservatory of Nancy (France) and to learn the language of Molière at the Faculty of Letters of Nancy.

Artistic career

1977 - 1983 In his native Ecuador, Carlos Morales sang and played guitar with "Nucanchi Peña" and with the group "La Matraca". His performances delighted a colorful audience that participated in the festivals open to the citizens of Quito.

1984 -1988 After Ecuador, Carlos Morales conquered an audience in France that was familiar with Latin American rhythms. He traveled through France as a soloist, giving concerts in various French cities such as Paris, Bordeaux and Lyon. The desire to make Latin American songs more popular led him to found the group "Atuntaqui" in 1985, with which he traveled through France, Belgium, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil until 2002.

Since 1989 he has lived in Germany, where he has made his own music and the music of his continent known, performing in restaurants such as "El Inca", "Taberna Flamenca", "Café Latino" and with bands such as "Sol y Sombra", "Los Banditos", "Sorria Brasil" and "Arena y Son". His talent as a singer and guitarist allowed him to play Italian music with Antonio Bella.

Today he continues to give concerts and play at birthdays, weddings, corporate parties and other cultural and social events.


His extensive and varied repertoire includes a wide range of rhythms and music from Latin America as well as his own compositions and productions, which have appeared on several well-known recordings.

«I travel from the warm notes of the Chilean Cueca to the very center of the Mexican Ranchera. Passing through the Peruvian Huaynito, the Bolivian Saya, the Ecuadorian Pasillo. In my blood flows the rhythms of the "Columbian Cumbia" that make my heart beat and I fly on the tempo of the "Venezuelan Joropo" and the "Cuban Son" towards the Spanish music. There, the "Rumba", the "Sevillana" mingle languorously with the "Caribbean Boleros".

"From there I continue my journey and, inspired, I compose in my turn songs tinged with nostalgia fed by my memories, laughing or melancholic according to the mood of the moment.»


He plays alone or with his band of 4 people.

Repertoire of the Caribbean:
Cumbia, Cha cha, Merengue, Rumba, Bolero, Son etc.

Folkloric repertoire:
De los Andes, Canción, Chacarera, Taquirari, Cueca, San Juanito, etc.

And also a repertoire of his own compositions.

All these rhythms are mixed and arranged at a performance according to the theme and wishes of the participants.

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